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Introduction to

Chin Implants

Let’s face it, first impressions are immensely important, and the first thing most people recognize is your face. Having prominent features such as a strong jawline can help facilitate a positive perception. A long-lasting and reliable procedure, our Las Vegas Chin Implant is one of our most popular augmentations for attaining stronger facial features.

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an expert Las Vegas chin augmentation surgeon. Below, we’ve included more information about the procedure as well as frequently asked chin questions that we commonly get in our office.

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What is a

Chin Implant?

A Chin Implant is made from a safe, pliable material that comes in a range of sizes and shapes to best fit a person’s facial structure to help reshape the chin or lower jaw. This procedure is designed to improve your face’s overall appearance by enhancing a weak or recessed jawline, providing incredible improvement to the patient’s appearance. The Chin Implant used by Dr. Jaiswal will be made of a smooth, flexible material such as silicone, Teflon, or Dacron.

Dr. Jaiswal offers additional options in chin correction, such as using the patient’s own bone and tissue which have been removed from another area of the body. When the Chin Implant has been placed, extremely tiny titanium screws are applied to anchor the implant into its new position, which helps you keep your look for years.

Who are the Best Candidates for Chin Augmentation?

Any patient (man or woman) who is frustrated with possessing a small or undersized chin is a wonderful candidate for a Chin Implant. In order to obtain the longest lasting and realistic outcome from the procedure, we strongly suggest an interested patient be in overall good health, have an understanding of the procedure, and maintain realistic surgical expectations.

What are the Benefits of getting Chin Implants?

Over the years, Dr. Jaiswal has seen many wonderful advantages chin implants have given his patients. Here are just a few of those benefits he has noticed:

  • An improved side profile.

  • Balances out a strong nose.

  • Can create a stronger, more forceful appearance.

  • The results are permanent.

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What’s the First Step?

The best way to start your journey to a stronger jawline is to research the procedure on your own and see if it is right for you. If you feel like this is the best direction for you, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaiswal. During your appointment, Dr. Jaiswal will perform a routine examination of your facial structure, review your medical history (including any current medication being taken), and discuss your aesthetic goals. Finally, he will provide you with a detailed explanation of options, both surgical and non-invasive, that are available for chin correction. When you come to an agreement on what is achievable and the best option for you, a personal treatment plan will be provided.

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What to Expect on the day of Chin Augmentation?

On the day of your Las Vegas Chin Implant surgery, Dr. Jaiswal will begin by addressing your individual needs and concerns with the surgery. He will administer some local anesthesia prior to the operation to make you as comfortable as possible. He will begin by making an incision in the natural crease line under your chin or just inside your mouth where your gum and lower lip meet. He will then gently stretch the tissue which creates a space where the implant can be inserted. Following the implant insertion, Dr. Jaiswal will use fine sutures to close the incision, and then apply a dressing to ensure a healthy recovery.

If you received an incision inside your mouth, there will be no visible scarring. If the incision was placed under the chin, there will be some minor scarring but it should be imperceptible and will fade over time.

How Much Do Chin Implants Cost in Las Vegas?

The exact cost of a Chin augmentation in Las Vegas will depend on the extent of correction and the individual patient. At your initial consultation, Dr. Jaiswal will go over the procedures and the costs involved.

Chin Implant Recovery

Recovery time is typically 1-2 weeks. There may be drains that need removal in less than a week. There will be bruising and swelling which will last a number of weeks. Final results may not be seen for 6-12 months.

After about six weeks, a majority of the swelling should subside, allowing you to see the results of your procedure. We highly advise avoiding any strenuous or rigorous activity for the first few weeks, but we’ve seen patients being able to return to their normal activity after about 10 days. There will be a follow-up appointment so Dr. Jaiswal can monitor your progress.

*If you experience any unusual bleeding, swelling, fever, or other symptoms, please contact our office immediately.

Why Choose Dr. Jaiswal?

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal possesses the dutiful eye to help you achieve your desired appearance. He takes great pride in providing a comfortable environment combined with years of professional experience that allows him to provide his patients with the quality look that helps them find the boost in confidence they deserve. Dr. Jaiswal has been awarded a Las Vegas Top Doc and is a proud member of the Aesthetic Society.

Schedule Your Consultation

If Chin Augmentation sounds like the best direction for you, please contact us today and book your private and personal consultation with Dr. Jaiswal today! Our Las Vegas chin implant patients find that the surgery greatly benefits their lives, giving them the chin they’ve always desired. We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals!

Chin Augmentation FAQs

Can chin augmentation be combined with other procedures?

Yes. Many of our patients elect to combine their Chin Implant with neck liposuction to help enhance their facial features. These procedures may not be able to take place on the same day, but if you are interested in any other facial reconstruction, please mention your aesthetic desires with Dr. Jaiswal during your consultation.

What are the risks associated?

While a Chin Implant is an incredibly safe and effective procedure, there are always risks that can occur with surgery. Some complications that may occur include delayed wound healing, scarring, or permanent numbness of the chin/lower jaw, however in Dr. Jaiswal’s skilled and experienced hands, these risks are extremely rare.

Does this procedure hurt?

No. Due to the use of local anesthesia, the procedure itself will not hurt. You may feel some tightening of the jaw or discomfort when chewing following your procedure. This should only last for about a week and Dr. Jaiswal will prescribe you pain medication to alleviate any temporary pain.

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